The Best Casting System for Hospitals

UCAST is a pre-made supersplint that consists of two parts: a biodegradable splint and a cohesive fabric bandage. Apply in 5 minutes, remold up to 25 times and recycle fully.

Apply in 5 minutes
Focus on the patient instead of measuring, scissoring, waiting and cleaning up.
No gloves needed
Heat-moldable materials keep you dry, safe and stain-free.
The splint is biodegradable and the fabric can be recycled.

Treat the patient.
Skip the mess.


Heat the splint for 1–2 minutes in the UCAST heater.


Wrap the fabric around to mold the cast.


The cast will cool and harden in a few minutes.

Uncompromising, user-friendly, unique.
The Ultimate Cast.

Prevent Maceration

UCAST splint has pre-made holes for optimized airflow, and the sports grade fabric moves moisture and heat away from the skin to prevent maceration and skin irritation.

Reduce Chemical Exposure

UCAST is made of aspen wood, biopolymer, and hypoallergenic textiles. These do not contain phthalates, latex, isocyanates, or other toxins and allergens present in other casting materials.

Reuse and Remold

Open instantly. Adjust in seconds. Remold in minutes. Just reheat the splint and mold it back on - Up to 25 times. Controls are a breeze with UCAST.

Focused Rigidity and Healing

UCAST provides sturdy 3-point fixation, but also allows micro-movement and blood flow around the injury. This combination helps injuries heal faster.

X-Ray Transparent

There's no need to remove UCAST for X-ray. UCAST is radiolucent, making imaging with the cast easy and not blurry.

Offer Only the Best

UCAST is lightweight, comfortable, and good looking. It fits under a sleeve and doesn’t bother daily life. This is the best cast your patient has ever had.

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UCAST product family

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Finger buddy

Mallet finger

Long finger

UCAST covers 80% of immobilization cases

UCAST doesn’t solve everything in immobilization, but it makes routine cases faster, easier and safer to treat, giving you the opportunity to focus on the challenging cases.

Developed by pros

Our products are designed by cast-techs with decades of  experience in orthopaedics, traumatology and occupational therapy.

Fit for your need

We know what a day in the casting room is like. Take a look at our products and find the solutions that would suit your daily work best.

"We designed UCAST to make our colleagues' and patients' lives better"


fter 20 years in orthopedics and more than 30,000 casts done, I wanted to develop a new kind of product that would improve casting on all fronts - a product that is safe, instantly ready and helps focus on the patient instead of cutting, measuring, and cleaning.

When developing UCAST we’ve used the cleanest and most modern materials to guarantee ease-of-use, safety and comfort for both the patient and the casting technician.

Try UCAST for yourself and let us know what you think!

Michael Lindroos

COO of Dassiet, orthopaedic casting specialist

Planet-Friendly Materials

The wood-composite splint is fully biodegradable, and leaves no microplastics. Casting with UCAST reduces waste, water, carbon and chemicals, making UCAST a greener alternative.

Ethically made

UCAST is made in Finland. Our factory runs on renewable energy, and has ISO certificates for Quality, Environmental Management, and Occupational Health and Safety. Our wood is harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Research & Education

We conduct clinical research about casting and offer training and education for professionals. We want to promote safe casting practices, effective treatment methods, and to bring new scientific research findings to clinical practice.